A free and decentralized peer to peer network for sharing and discovering music

Our Features

Peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming application and website.
Like SoundCloud or Spotify, but decentralized and always free.

Share and upload an unlimited amount of music with your friends

The only limit storage limit is the amount of space on your hard drive.

The more people who follow you and listen to your tracks, the more your tracks will spread for others to find.

Discover new artists and tracks to stream or download for free

Receive updates in your stream when the artists you follow publish new materials.

Following an artist helps spread their content to your friends, making you a taste maker.

Completely decentralized peer to peer network

No central authority dictating what your content is.

Will work in any network setting (including offline or Local Area Network)

Freedom of control over your own content

You can export your collection anytime.

You never have to fear your tracks will be removed in the future.

Compliance with international copyright laws

Lola is an audio publishing platform for copyright-owning creators, creative commons licensed material, remix artists and DJs.

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Chrome, Safari, & Firefox

Mobile App

iOS & Android

Desktop App

Windows, Mac OS, & Linux

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